viernes, 12 de enero de 2007

10 razones por las que no se tiene en cuenta la accesibilidad

He encontrado un artículo muy interesante titulado 10 Reasons Clients Don't Care About Accessibility. El artículo está escrito por un consultor de tecnologías de la información y explica las razones de que sus clientes no se preocupen por la accesibilidad de lo que encargan. Las diez razones son:

  1. It’s the Law But There’s None to Follow
  2. There Is No Immediate Benefit
  3. Accessibility Is Sold As a Technical Problem
  4. Disability Is Not Something Clients Want to Think About
  5. We’re Past Inventing, We’re Maintaining
  6. It Is Not Part of the Testing Methodology
  7. Accessibility Seems Like a Party Pooper
  8. Nobody Complains
  9. It Requires Involvement
  10. There Is No Leader to Follow
¿La solución? El autor proporciona los siguientes consejos:
Gently prod clients in the right direction. Here are some ideas:
  • Stop selling accessibility as a technical issue. Address it in the scoping
    and design phase rather than at delivery
  • Make sure you’ve got your facts straight before releasing another
    “accessibility” article or blog entry (rounded corners in CSS do not increase
    accessibility, really, they don’t!)
  • Make product presentations and assessments more fun by taking away the
    client’s mouse and changing monitor settings
  • If you want to support disabled users, don’t stop at one group. “Skip links”
    helps blind users and keyboard/switch access users alike, don’t hide them!
  • Send emails to companies every time it is hard for you to use their site.
    Point out that you will buy the product on their competitor’s site and why.
  • Step away from the visuals. Embrace Web design as a mixture of good content,
    proper structure and nice visuals. Start developing sites in the text editor,
    not in Illustrator.

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