jueves, 10 de enero de 2013

Libro Design Accessible Web Sites

El libro Design Accessible Web Sites de Jeremy Sydik y de la editorial The Pragmatic Bookshelf (2007), es un libro recomendable para introducirse en la accesibilidad web, pero no es un libro adecuado para gente que ya sepa y quiera ampliar sus conocimientos.

El contenido del libro es:


Part I—Laying the Foundation
Why Be Accessible?
A Brief Introduction to Disabilities
An Environment for Access
Testing for Accessibility

Part II—Building a Solid Structure
The Structured Life
Round Tables

The Accessible Interface

Part III—Interior Design
A Picture is Worth...
Video Killed the Something-Something

Part IV—Furnishing the House
Not All Documents Are Created Equal
Scripted Responses
Embedded Applications: Rinse and Repeat

Part V—Building Codes
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
Section 508
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
Meanwhile, In the Rest of the World...

Part VI—Toys In The Attic

Final Thoughts