lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014

Sistema automático para corregir la accesibilidad web

Eso es lo que promete una solicitud de patente que se ha presentado en Estados Unidos: Automatic website accessibility and compatibility (US 20140180846 A1). La descripción de la patente dice:

A method for an accessibility solution provided as a software. The method includes approving or implementing by a website owner of a code into his website and receiving web format by a user device by “scraping” the data from the website pages or by other means of using client side plugin, server side plugin, browser or 3rd party server side or mobile app. The method also includes analyzing the data over the user device or on the server side and clicking a button by the end-user and the original code and the content and code that were collected from the website are rewritten which can also be done automatically as a suggestion to the end user, and the end-user sees or can use a new format according to the updated standard.

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