viernes, 6 de marzo de 2015

Denuncia por falta de accesibilidad en una web en Australia

En este caso se ha llegado a un acuerdo entre las partes. No se indica si ha habido algún tipo de compensación económica: Coles web accessibility case settled.

El anuncio realizado por las partes:

Joint statement from Coles and Gisele Mesnage

Coles and Ms Mesnage, who is represented by the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, are delighted to have reached a very amicable settlement.

The settlement follows the mutual agreement of the parties to make further improvements to the Coles website in respect of accessibility enhancements suggested by Ms Mesnage.

Coles recognises the importance of accessibility and is committed to continuing to improve the online shopping experience for everyone.

Coles would like to thank and acknowledge Ms Mesnage for the work she has done to improve accessibility for Australians.

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