lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2015

Complementos y herramientas para Internet Explorer y Windows

En Internet Explorer and Windows de Stanford Online Accessibility Program encontramos estos complementos y herramientas:
ACTF - aDesigner
ADesigner is available from the Eclipse Foundation; it is "an Eclipse RCP application." It is free and opensource. "Web developers can use aDesigner to test the accessibility and usability of Web pages for low-vision and blind people."
This tool, from the Paciello Group, is integrated into the Web Accessibility Toolbar, but it may be used separately, as a desktop application, if preferred. "The Accessibility Viewer (aViewer) is an inspection tool for Windows that displays the accessibility API information (MSAA, IAccessible2, UI Automation, ARIA, HTML DOM) exposed by web browsers to the operating system, and thus to any assistive technology (AT) such as screenreaders."
When getting started with aViewer, Steve Faulkner's AViewer Presentation and his AViewer video will be helpful.
Web Accessibility Toolbar (WAT)
The most current version of the "WAT" can be downloaded from Github by going to: Note that documentation, including keyboard shortcuts, is also posted there.

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