miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2015

Consejos para desarrollar páginas web más accesibles para las personas con discapacidad cognitiva

Los problemas de accesibilidad web asociados a la discapacidad cognitiva o intelectual se han estudiado muy poco. Por ello, las soluciones planteadas son muy escasas.

En Layout, Navigation and Support for Text on Websites – A Few Ideas se presentan algunos consejos:


Algunos consejos son:

  • All necessary text on the screen
  • San Serif font
  • Font to be at least 14 point
  • Headings used
  • Alignment of text to left,
  • Writing in black on white
  • There should not be too much information on the screen – avoid clutter


Algunos consejos son:

  • Having a maximum of eight navigation buttons.
  • Placing the constant buttons (to move between pages, to return to home) in a top navigation bar and with topic related buttons on the left side.

Supporting text

Algunos consejos son:

  • Short sentences of speech linked to icons, the same sentence can be repeated as often as the person needs to clarify a point or refresh their memory.
  • Short videos no longer than about 30-45 secs may work.
  • A feature on videos to re-wind and play back – this already happens on sites such as You tube and BBC iplayer.

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