lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

10 herramientas para revisar la accesibilidad web

En la página web 10 Tools for Evaluating Web Design Accessibility podemos encontrar 10 herramientas que ayudan a analizar la accesibilidad de una página web.

En esta página también se apuntan los beneficios que ofrece mejorar la accesibilidad web:
Testing for web accessibility (how usable a website is by individuals with disabilities) is an often neglected part of web design and development. Web accessibility is important not only because your content will reach a wider range of audience, but also because correcting web accessibility issues have secondary benefits such as cleaner and more semantic code and better indexibility on search engines.
Las herramientas analizadas son:
  1. Firefox Accessibility Extension
  2. aDesigner
  3. EvalAccess
  4. WebAnywhere
  5. Web Accessibility Inspector
  6. Vischeck
  7. Accessibility Color Wheel
  8. Colour Contrast Analyser
  9. TAW Web Accessibility Test
  10. Web Accessibility Toolbar

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