lunes, 14 de agosto de 2023

ARIA puede ayudar a la accesibilidad web, pero también la puede dañar

En ARIA can hurt or help web accessibility: How to review your website’s ARIA se advierte de los peligros que tiene el mal uso de ARIA:

Not all HTML elements have accessibility built into them. So, we use ARIA to add accessibility when a native HTML element cannot do the job.

When used correctly, ARIA can help people with disabilities access and use your website – when used correctly. Unfortunately, it’s misused all over the web.

Using ARIA incorrectly can actually make your website more inaccessible. It can unintentionally hide content from assistive technology, announce the wrong label, and cause functionality confusion for assistive tech users.

To actually make a more accessible web experience for all users, ARIA needs to be used correctly. A great place to start is looking at the ARIA your own website already uses.

Going through your own website’s ARIA can make it more accessible while also giving you a chance to learn more about ARIA (nothing like a hands-on learning experience).