sábado, 20 de mayo de 2006

Control del ordenador con el movimiento de los ojos

En la Universidad de Cambridge, en Inglaterra, han inventado un sistema llamado VIM (Visual Inference Machine) que permite controlar un ordenador con el movimiento de los ojos. En la nota de prensa publicada, Sending email at the blink of an eye, se puede leer que el software se podrá descargar de forma gratuita:

"A new invention could change the lives of millions of disabled people by allowing them to control a computer by raising an eyebrow. Developed by Oliver Williams and Professor Roberto Cipolla from the Department of Engineering, the software will be free to download and use, providing a much-needed method of input for those unable to communicate conventionally.

The system, code named VIM (Visual Inference Machine), provides an accurate way of tracking limited facial movement. Unlike other input systems, it only requires a webcam and portable computer, providing a cheap alternative to existing systems that can cost tens of thousands of pounds.

VIM allows users with limited movement abilities to control a user interface with facial movements, such as eyebrows, eyes, or mouth. Coupled with Dasher, an invention from the Department of Physics, VIM allows severely disabled people to type and send emails at speeds close to keyboard input".

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