miércoles, 27 de julio de 2011

Encuesta sobre la accesibilidad de las redes sociales

Acabo de encontrar la encuesta Social Media Accessibility Survey que tiene como objetivo determinar las principales barreras de accesibilidad que presentan las redes sociales más conocidas (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube). Desgraciadamente, no está muy claro quién está detrás de esta encuesta.

Las nueve preguntas de la encuesta son:
1. Do you have a disability affecting the way your browse the web?

2. If so, what kind of disability?
I do not have a disability
Other (please specify)

3. Do you use assistive technologies to browse the web?

4. If so, what type of assistive technologies do you use?
Screen Readers
Zooming Software
Braille Keyboard
Adapted Keyboard or Mouse
I do not use assistive technologies
Other (please specify)

5-8. How would you rate the following accessibility best practices while using the Twitter.com interfaces? If you feel some best practices are not an issue, choose “N/A” (Not Applicable).
A Real Problem A Slight Problem Not a Problem    N/A
Appropriate Use of Heading and Subheading   
Use of Sufficient Color Contrasts   
Explicit Association of Labels and Form Fields   
Ease of Navigation Using Only the Keyboard   
Text Equivalents for Images   
Compatibility with Assistive Technologies   
Captions or Text Transcripts to Multimedia
Have you encountered any other significant accessibility problems while using the Twitter.com services? If so, please specify:

9. Overall and generally speaking, do you think adopting social medias, as part of a governmental communication strategy is a good idea when it comes to public information?

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