martes, 30 de abril de 2013

Encuesta sobre la accesibilidad de sitios web multilingües

Me ha llegado el siguiente aviso de una encuesta que tiene como objetivo evaluar cómo los expertos en localización y creación de sitios multilingües pueden ayudar a mejorar la accesibilidad de los sitios web.

La encuesta estará abierta hasta el próximo 28 de mayo de 2013 y se puede contestar a través del siguiente enlace:

El aviso que he recibido dice:

At the University of Geneva (Switzerland) we are carrying out a study in collaboration with the Access for All Foundation in order to understand how multilingual websites are assessed for accessibility by web accessibility experts. The study is part of a larger joint research project between the University of Geneva (Switzerland) and the University of Salamanca (Spain) that aims at defining how web localisation professionals (web and software translators) could contribute to achieve a higher degree of web accessibility in multilingual websites.

At this phase of the project, we would be grateful to receive feedback from web accessibility evaluators or experts in the field, both users and non-users of screen readers or any other assistive technology. Having a better understanding of current practices on multilingual website assessment would allow us to better define a potential localisation strategy where the localisers skills could be enhanced with web accessibility knowledge.

To this purpose, we have designed an online questionnaire, available through the following link:

As stated in the presentation page, all questions contained in the questionnaire are strictly confidential and will only be used for scientific purposes. The questionnaire is anonymous and will be open for 6 weeks, until May, 28th 2013. Please do not hesitate in sharing the link with other colleagues if you find it interesting.

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