viernes, 16 de marzo de 2018

La accesibilidad web beneficia a todo el mundo

En el artículo Quality ⊃ Good Design ⊃ Inclusive Interface he encontrado la siguiente definición:

Universal web accessibility helps us create sites that are usable by the widest, most diverse audience, rather than creating bolt-on solutions that might benefit one group at the expense of another.

Y algunos ejemplos de cómo la accesibilidad web nos beneficia a todos:

I can't easily see low-contrast web content
- a user with cataracts
- any user accessing your web page on a mobile phone in bright sunlight

I can't easily manipulate your web page
- a user with a hand amputation
- any user standing in a crowded train, holding on to a bar for balance

I can't listen to your web content
- a user with hearing loss
- any user without headphones, accessing a web page in quiet restaurant

I can't easily manipulate small or fiddly UI controls
- a user with loss of fine motor control
- any user accessing a web page while also walking

I can't make sense of long complicated text passages on your web page
- a user with an attention deficit disorder
- any user reading web content while distracted by a crying child

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