miércoles, 5 de febrero de 2020

Accesibilidad para las personas con problemas de visión

El artículo Accessibility - beyond the screen reader explica que normalmente los esfuerzos para lograr un sitio web accesible se centran en los usuarios ciegos que utilizan un lector de pantallas, dejando de lado los usuarios con baja visión:
For most people, Web accessibility means making content compatible with screen readers. As a designer, what first comes to mind might be providing alt text for images. As a developer, it might be adding WAI-ARIA roles and properties to the source code. As a content strategist, it might be unambiguous link text that makes sense on its own. All of these are good starting points, but ultimately, who truly benefits from these things? Blind people using screen readers, but who else? 
The needs of blind users are obviously important. But until we invest at least 6.3 times as much effort making content accessible to low vision users as we spend making content compatible to screen readers, it will be safe to say we are missing what it means to create content that is truly accessible to the widest possible range of users.

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