domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009

Hoja de trucos del W3C

Hace unos pocos días se lanzó W3C cheatsheet, la hoja de trucos del W3C para desarrolladores web. Según nos cuentan en el blog del W3C:
This cheatsheet aims at providing in a very compact and mobile-friendly format a compilation of useful knowledge extracted from W3C specifications — at this time, CSS, HTML, SVG and XPath —, completed by summaries of guidelines developed at W3C, in particular the WCAG2 accessibility guidelines, the Mobile Web Best Practices, and a number of internationalization tips.
Its main feature is a lookup search box, where one can start typing a keyword and get a list of matching properties/elements/attributes/functions in the above-mentioned specifications, and further details on those when selecting the one of interest.
Por ahora, ofrece información sobre:
  • Las especificaciones HTML, CSS, SVG y XPath.
  • Mobile Web Best Practices
  • Accessibility: WCAG2 at a Glance
  • Internationalization Quicktips
  • English Typography

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