miércoles, 25 de diciembre de 2013

La accesibilidad de los videojuegos

El sitio web Game accessibility guidelines ofrece consejos para crear videojuegos accesibles. Algunos consejos son los mismo que se aplican para la accesibilidad web.

En el apartado Why and how pone lo siguiente:
15-20% of gamers are disabled (PopCap). Other conditions that aren’t registered disabilities can also hit barriers. 15% of the adult population have a reading age of below 11 years old (NCES /BIS), 8% of males have red-green colour deficiency (AAO), and many people have temporary impairments such as a broken arm. Many more have situational impairments such as playing in a noisy room or in bright sunlight, and all players have different levels of ability – there’s no ‘typical gamer’.

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