viernes, 13 de diciembre de 2013

Libro sobre la accesibilidad de los colores

Hace unos meses se publció el libro A Pocket Guide to Colour Accessibility, que trata el tema de la ceguera al color o daltonismo. En Web industry urged to embrace colour accessibility podemos encontrar una entrevista que le hicieron a su autora.

En esta entrevista podemos leer:
I don’t think most people realise how common conditions like colour-blindness really are. Close to five percent of the population have some degree of reduced colour vision, and that’s not counting the even larger percentage of people who have poor vision in general. Design trends these days are all about subtle details and many websites feature text or other page elements that have insufficient contrast or inappropriate colour combinations. Designers are designing for what they can see, not realising that it may be incredibly difficult to read for others.

It’s understandable how such topics can be forgotten, though. There are an overwhelming number of things for designers to think about. New technologies are popping up daily and our list of tools to learn is always growing. Many of us who are comfortable in our design workflow are spending more time learning new coding techniques or worrying about how to use Git. We need to step back and think more about colour choices and make sure such consideration doesn’t get lost amongst our tools.

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