lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2015

Complementos para Google Chrome

En Chrome Extensions de Stanford Online Accessibility Program encontramos estos complementos:
WAVE Extension for Chrome
A web accessibility evaluation tool developed by

Web Developer Extension for Chrome
This is a Chrome version of the Firefox extension with the same name. With this extension, you can disable CSS, display alt attributes,
show headings and other elements via the outline, and display ARIA roles and view a document outline (via "Information").

Color Contrast Analyzer
This extension allows you to analyze color contrast on web pages. Unlike other contrast analyzers, this one will assess text within images and text that is on top of background images or gradients.
The developer has a blog post about it.

Accessibility Developer Tools
This extension adds an accessibility audit and an accessibility sidebar to your Chrome Developer Tools.
When you use this extension to run an audit, the results appear as a list of issues for you to consider.
You also have options to enable or disable rules. You may find it helpful to review the rules used for the evaluation
before you run this Google developer tool so you will know what will need to be checked manually, as well. The accessibility sidebar is used to inspect individual elements. The tool now works across iframes.
Learn more about the library of code that runs the extension by visiting the Accessibility Developer Tools
Git repository. This library of accessibility testing and utility code consists of an accessibility audit, which is the same audit provided by the Chrome extension referred to above.
Also included is code to calculate contrast ratios (including color suggestions), retrieve and validate ARIA attributes and states, and assess text alternatives.

Tenon Check
Tests pages against WCAG 2.0 using

This is a screen reader to be used with Chrome. At this time, few people who are blind use it. However, it may be helpful to give you a basic idea of how your page will work for
screen reader users. This is not a full, generalizable screen reader; rather, it has been designed to work specifically with Google's products.

ARIA Validator
Scans page for WAI-ARIA implementation issues. Adds a button to Chrome that you can click when you want to validate the ARIA implementation of the HTML page you are viewing.

Highlights and provides right-click (or Ctrl-click on Mac) access to image long descriptions, where provided.

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