lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2015

La accesibilidad y el SEO van de la mano

Eso es lo que dice el artículo Accessibility, usability and SEO go hand in hand:
I think there are two parts to the answer: the first one is to clarify that web accessibility is not just to create a comfortable environment for people with disabilities but for all users. It’s about ensuring that all parts of the website can be navigated easily, that interaction happens naturally and that all users understand the website without having to spend hours studying it.
The second question is how web accessibility influences website architecture. I assume that you mean both information architecture (IA) and technical architecture. Good web accessibility is about ensuring that the site is organized in a meaningful and logical manner, in order to help users with the task of navigation and comprehension. IA is a tool or technique that can help achieve that goal. In addition to that, the technical platform needs to be made accessible to both users and search engine bots.  So things like navigation, labeling, shallow vs deep website structure are often key to effective content findability and discovery, particularly when it comes to indexation of large websites. Web accessibility does clearly influence website architecture by demanding standards-compliant techniques (HTML sitemaps, HTML5 vs jQuery, not using Javascript for navigation, etc.)
Y cinco cosas que mejoran tanto la accesibilidad como el SEO:

  • Semantic Markup (descriptive & hierarchical headings, page titles etc.)
  • ​Descriptive Link text (anchor text)
  • Image optimisation (both in caption and alt tag)
  • Recommendations to make the site architecture crawlable
  • Writing short, concise and memorable urls

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