viernes, 6 de diciembre de 2019

Análisis del selector de fechas

En Collecting dates in an accessible way se ofrece un análisis exhaustivo de cuál es la mejor forma de seleccionar una fecha en una página web:
Currently, providing a usable and accessible method for collecting dates in forms is fraught with difficulty. Due to the lack of consistent and accessible support for input type=”date”, and the difficulty of finding date-pickers that are accessible to keyboard users and screen reader users, is it safest to just go back to using text boxes and dropdowns?
I believe you must include the include the ability for the user to enter a date using a text box or dropdowns – for keyboard-only users and screen reader users this is still the best and easiest option.
However, as we’ve seen, many people like date-pickers, including people with some disabilities, so if you wish to present a calendar-style date-picker:
  • never force people to use it, but instead have it as an option triggered by a button, and
  • hide the date-picker from screen reader users.

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