miércoles, 21 de abril de 2021

Texto accesible para etiquetar los controles de los formularios

 En Accessible Text Labels For All se explica un problema importante que puede aparecer con el texto que se emplea en la etiqueta label para etiquetar los controles de un formulario.

El problema aparece cuando se emplea un texto oculto para añadir información significativa, para que la etiqueta de cada control sea única. Ese texto oculto puede ser un problema para los usuarios que controlen el ordenador con la voz:

Inserting visually hidden text in the middle of a visible string of text on a button like that prevents users browsing and navigating using voice commands from interacting with the button.

A popular example of Voice recognition software used to browse the Web is Dragon Naturally Speaking. It is software that allows you to use your computer and browse the web using voice commands. It comes with a full usage manual that details how to use it to perform different tasks on your computer and on the Web. Such software is useful for a lot of people, including but not limited to people with disabilities who can’t use their hands, for example, or power users who want to get things done faster (because voice dictation is faster than typing).


When the dragon user (in the video) wants to select a form control, he speaks out the visual text label of that control. This is one of many reasons why visual labels are important in user interfaces.

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