viernes, 21 de enero de 2022

Encuesta de IAAP sobre las capas de accesibilidad

Me ha llegado un correo de International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) para participar en una encuesta sobre las capas de accesibilidad.

El correo dice:

We are fully aware of the concerns regarding false advertising and deceptive marketing issues by some overlay vendors and the dangers that they may present.

IAAP does not support vendors making false claims or participating in deceptive marketing on or about their own or others’ products and services.

The IAAP Overlays Task Force is currently conducting due diligence on the issue to determine IAAP’s course of action considering experts’ advice and members’ perspectives.

As an association IAAP follows antitrust compliance protocol and best practices, which include:
  • Ethics codes should never be created or used to exclude competitors from the market
  • Associations should document all complaints or concerns about the code and resolve them as appropriate
  • Ethics code should be clear and unambiguous, reasonable, fair, and objective and
  • Associations should maintain strict confidentiality with respect to all adverse allegations, complaints, actions, and proceedings.
IAAP is not in the job of censorship or lobbying. Our mission is to expand the accessibility profession through certification, education, and networking. However, IAAP’s leadership recognizes the importance of the role and trust we play as a unified voice for our members. We take this very seriously.

Our goal is to be part of the solution. With that in mind, IAAP’s Task Force of volunteer council members has been working over the last three-month interviewing, reviewing association protocol, and collecting data from members and non-members. The Overlay Task Force will submit its findings to the IAAP Global Leadership Council on February 17th and then follow up with approved next steps including a:
  • an organization position statement from IAAP
  • review and revision of IAAP’s code of conduct terms
  • review process of organization members with alleged false claims
  • awareness and education plan around overlay

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