lunes, 23 de octubre de 2023

Análisis de los sitios web de las aerolíneas del Reino Unido

En Report calls for airlines to improve WCAG compliance and the digital user journey podemos leer:
A new report has reviewed the websites of the 11 largest airlines operating in the UK, rating them in terms of their technical accessibility as well as the ease of use for making bookings.

The ‘Airline Digital Accessibility’ report, commissioned by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA) and undertaken by Hassell Inclusion, first gave websites a score for their compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1 AA), a technical set of recommendations designed to improve accessibility standards.

A focus group of consumers with accessibility needs then provided insights on digital consumer journeys. The group highlighted that accessibility goes beyond just technical compliance and raised examples of how booking flights on websites in an accessible manner often differed depending on their needs and expectations.


British Airways scored highest amongst the airlines for its technical accessibility and scored 7/10 on its ‘Digital Consumer Journey score’. At the other end of the scale, Jet 2, Ryanair, and TUI received technical accessibility ratings of 1/10 and Digital Consumer Journey scores of just 2/10.

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