lunes, 22 de marzo de 2021

El reto de probar la accesibilidad con lectores de pantalla

 Muy interesante el análisis que se presenta en A developer's perspective: the problem with screen reader testing:

Screen readers are an essential part of using the web for people who are vision impaired, illiterate or have a learning disability.

Today’s screen readers traverse web pages and applications and read out user interface elements, content and allow users to navigate and interact with the web.

There are many screen readers available for different devices and platforms, each with differing levels of functionality, interfaces and features. The most common are JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver and TalkBack.


As a developer regularly faced with time constraints, I have often wondered: what should be the baseline in terms of testing for screen readers, and what browser and screen reader combinations are the most important to cover in order to achieve the greatest level of WCAG compliance?

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