lunes, 26 de agosto de 2019

Cómo crear botones accesibles

En Accessible Icon Buttons se explica cómo crear botones accesibles:
An icon button is an icon that triggers some sort of action on the page. More accurately, technically speaking, an icon button is a button that contains an icon and no (visible) accompanying text. These buttons can be found in the majority of app and user interfaces today. The infamous hamburger menu button is a great example of such buttons when not visually labelled “Menu”. 
Putting aside the UX side of the coin and whether or not an icon alone is enough to convey meaning and functionality to users, many implementations of these buttons today lack the proper accessibility that makes them meaningful to users of assistive technologies. 
While the seemingly popular aria-label is a perfectly valid way to add an accessible name to a button (and/or other components), it is certainly not the only way, let alone the best. You could always just put text in it, for example. But what if the designer or the UI enforces the absence of visual text next to an icon? 
There is a handful of ways that an icon button can be implemented accessibly. This article is an overview of them all.

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