lunes, 5 de agosto de 2019

Una ley para prohibir la reproducción automática y el scroll infinito

Hace unos días se publicó New bill would ban autoplay videos and endless scrolling, lo cual estará muy bien para evitar algunos problemas de accesibilidad. Al leer el titular pensaba que esa era la razón de esta ley, pero no, la razón es que produce adicción:

Snapstreaks, YouTube autoplay, and endless scrolling are all coming under fire from a new bill, which is sponsored by Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), targeting the tech industry’s “addictive” design. 
Hawley’s Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology Act, or the SMART Act, would ban these features that work to keep users on platforms longer, along with others, like Snapstreaks, that incentivize the continued use of these products. If approved, the Federal Trade Commission and Health and Human Services could create similar rules that would expire after three years unless Congress codified them into law. 
“Big tech has embraced a business model of addiction,” Hawley said. “Too much of the ‘innovation’ in this space is designed not to create better products, but to capture more attention by using psychological tricks that make it difficult to look away.”

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