miércoles, 21 de agosto de 2019

Quizás no necesites un control específico para seleccionar una fecha

Muy interesante el artículo Maybe You Don’t Need a Date Picker:
Calendar controls, date pickers, date widgets, whatever you call them, however they are described, they follow the same basic principle — present the user with a calendar to enter a date (and sometimes a time).
The native implementations come from browsers when authors use <input type="date">. Usually a calendar grid, but sometimes built to look like a broken slot-machine or configurable date rubber stamp that your accountant uses.
Frameworks and libraries offer their own take on date pickers, with many more options from third-party developers. These appeal to developers who want control over the visual style, and sometimes function, of the date picker. Particularly developers who want to avoid a different experience across browsers.
The problem is that nearly every implementation of a date picker is a barrier for some set of users. I can comfortably say every one that I have seen is a problem, though perhaps there is a wonderfully robust one somewhere. Even the ARIA Authoring Practices, which is more comfortable with imperfect patterns, has not deigned to create a date picker.

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